Week 0 – Design

I am back at The Krenov School (formerly The College of the Redwoods) for my second year.  As a second year student we are expected to jump right into the design and mock-up of our first project when school starts.  This series of blog posts will attempt to document my progress on the project and keep me honest about the crazy amount of time that I am spending on a single piece.  Here we go...

After putting it off for almost the entire summer between my first and second years, I sat down in mid-August of 2017 and began brainstorming on some project ideas.  I wanted to continue with the table top radio series that I had done the previous year, but I had also made a commitment to create a larger piece of furniture.  I knew my first project was not going to be a chair, becasue I would save that as an option for the Spring semester when Ejler Hjorth-Westh was teaching.  Since Greg Smith teaches in the Fall semester, I knew I wanted to pursue some sort of cabinet so that I could leverage his expertise.

I met with Laura Mays the week before school started and showed my radio sketches and talked about building a larger piece.  She pointed out that another radio style cabinet is not a larger piece.  Ok.  Back to square 1.  We settled on pursuing something that touches the floor about the size of a locker (the footprint of a nightstand but taller).

I try to regularly spend time on Pinterest and add images that I find interesting to a board of possible inspirations for the next project.  Here are two of the pieces that I had tagged on Pinterest for the Fall of 2017.

Danish sewing box
Eames turntable

Next, I used my extremely primitive and frustrating drawing skills to spur some creativity by doing some sketching.  The first sketches were just variations on the existing pieces, then a rounded shape cabinet starts to appear, then something with feet that looks like a locker, and then I end up with something that looks like Brian Newell's cabinet.

I decided I was not ready to recreate a Brian Newell piece and pursue compound curves on a large scale, so back to the drawing board.  I took the curve from the previous drawings and tried to find one I liked that would give me the shape I was picturing in my head.

More Curves

I seem to have a general shape I like but that I cannot draw very well in 3D.  I decide to take a crash course in SketchUp and realize I just need to get a decent copy of the curve imported into SketchUp, then trace it, and then extrude it, and then I will be pretty close to getting a general shape of the piece in  3D.  I am not sure exactly what happened next, but in my search for a cleaner image of the curve I either uploaded a sketch of the curve to Google Images to find similar shapes or started searching for images of curved chests.  One of the images that kept popping up was a cross section drawing of the mediastinum.  That was the curve I was looking for.  I traced the image in SketchUp, added some feet, doors and swing out caddies, did a little rendering, and that is how this project was born.

The Mediastinum
SketchUp 1
SketchUp 2
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