Week 1 – Mockup

My first day as a second year student at The Krenov School The first week of school as a second year student is exciting and different than the first week of school as a first year student.  Instead of cutting up my fingers learning to sharpen like I did last year, I spent the week working on the mockup of my first project.  See "Week 0 - Design" for a description of the design process of this project.

Mockup of mediastinum cabinet structureThe initial design of the cabinet was a 3-leg 30 inch tall cabinet with two curved doors and two curved swing-out caddy drawers.  I took the outline of the cabinet from the plan view of my SketchUp drawing and taped it to a piece of plywood and started cutting out the outline of the cabinet.  I took a guess at the shape of some small curved tapered feet and cut those on the bandsaw along with a tall spine for the back of the cabinet.  A little bit of careful pre-drilling and some drywall screws and I had the skeleton of the cabinet mocked up.

With the skeleton of the mockup complete, I started cutting up cardboard to make the doors and caddy.  I screwed each caddy into the cabinet using a singe screw so that I could emulate the swing-out motion of the drawer.  I then took the customary photograph of the completed mockup with a banana for scale.

Version 1 of the Mediastinum mockup

Last year it seemed that the ease with which a mockup comes together is inversely proportional to the effort required to construct the real piece.  This mockup came together very quickly.  This makes me very nervous.  In the next few weeks, reality will begin to creep into the pseudo-reality of mockup-land and certain accommodations and concessions will be made to the initial design in order to actually build it.

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