Week 12 – Interior Cores

The interior of the cabinet is divided into three sections.  The bottom of the interior has a curved front drawer for storage.  The middle of the interior has a shelf, which is the top of the drawer box, for bottles of your most precious liquids.  The top of the interior has another shelf for storing six old fashioned glasses.  The top shelf has a false back which keeps the glasses arranged neatly at the front of the cabinet for easy access, and to avoid having a deep dark cavern at the top of the cabinet when it is empty.

Making the cores for the interior partitions is pretty much the same as the process I used while making the doors and top/bottom panels back in the early weeks of the project.  Most of the edgebands are made of poplar and are hidden from view.  The curved drawer front is a laminate of birch veneers.  Below is a combined plan view of the interior sections of the cabinet.  The left side of the drawing shows the curved drawer front, the curved front of the drawer box, and the straight interior wall of the drawer box.  The right side of the drawing shows the curved wall that provides the false back to the old fashioned glass display shelf.  The top of the drawing shows the edgeband of the flat panel shelves that is bricked together from pieces of poplar.

Next week I hope to get the veneers applied to all the interior core pieces.  The show is rapidly approaching and I am beginning to feel a slight sense of panic.

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