Week 7 – Volleyball

Dirt and dust of the volleyball courtFor years the woodworkers have looked up from their workbenches at the end of a long day and shuffled their hunched bodies outside in response to the daily plea to form two volleyball teams that will engage in a few rounds of “prison rules” volleyball.  For years the woodworkers have lamented playing in the the dirt and the dust and the weeds.  For years the woodworkers have talked about getting sand for the volleyball court.  Perhaps things are just fine the way they are and there is no need to change these traditions, perhaps these are not traditions at all but just a lack of action.

This year I decided I would help organize a fundraiser and we would see if we could raise enough money to buy some sand and improve the volleyball court.  We set a goal of $1000 in order to get 26 tons of beach sand delivered (2-3 inches).  We set up a GoFundMe and Todd emailed the alumni with a call to action.  We exceeded our goal and raised over $1700!  No turning back now.  Perhaps this is an improvement to the volleyball pastime or a detriment to it.  Only time will be able to judge the actions of the class of 2018.

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